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SWFL Caterer Business Success Story

Naples Caterer still says NO to Online E-Commerce while getting MORE MONEY to Spend Every Month AND Concierge Service!! 

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For over thirty (30) years this Naples Caterer has specialized in intimate events ranging from traditional dinner parties to largethemed galas with simple, eclectic, and even unusual menus. 

Since we setup a new payment processing account with Merchant Doodle things have gotten a lot simpler and easier for us. It’s not just that we have more money to spend in on the business every month because we dobut it’s also because with their local concierge-style service we don’t have to mess around or monkey with anything because they mostly take care of it all for us. It’s head and shoulders above anything I’ve ever done with any bank and believe me I’ve used them all.

We like to call this business owner “Mr. Old School” because well… he’s old school!  Fifth-Third, Worldpay, Suntrust, you name it over the years he’s processed payments through them all, but these days Dan and You’ve Got It Coming Catering processes their payments with Merchant Doodle (since 2017). They use our traditional processing setup (as opposed to compliant cash discount) which provides a very friendly, easy-to-use, honest, and straight-forward payments solution. 

Where the Owners were coming from:

When we first met the two (2) business owners on-site (we were introduced thru a client we both share in common) someone had stolen their corporate website and social media credentials and their email system had just been hacked. Obviously these items were their top priority at the time. Additionally, the business owners were very knowledgeable about payment processing systems and program fees and transaction fees because they had been in business for so long and had basically processed payments through every major bank and payment provider in the country.   

They were currently processing payments using leased equipment from 5/3rd (one of their banks at the time). The fees they were paying were very high and they also wanted better service (easier and less time consuming) but since they already had experience with most of the other major banks and payments providers they felt stuck and unsure of what to do or where to go next. 

One thing they absolutely 100% knew was that they did not want an online e-commerce store (they felt they had enough projects going at the time and were not wanting to take on any new operational systems). All in all, the owners had performed due diligence which led to website quotes ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 dollars.    

“Monthly statements are always easy to read and everything is clear, fair, and simple. My emails to Merchant Doodle are usually answered in an hour or two and on the rare occasion when I need to call in to the 800 number after hours, a real person picks up the phone at all hours of the day and night. It’s a real topnotch service with real topnotch people. We couldn’t recommend them more. Oh, and they just completed our PCI compliance for us which also saves us time & money every month. If you own or run a local business you really should give them a chance and try them out… you’ll be glad you did!

In-House Success Notes:

We quickly put an action plan together that included getting a new website up and in-place and getting Google G-Suite-for-Business email addresses going at their domain name for each owner so they could continue functioning without worrying about the stolen/hacked website and accounts. Once this was accomplished, we got them a new payments account and programmed and setup their new equipment on-site for them. We then returned their leased payments processing equipment (completely eliminating those high monthly fees) and integrated the new payments system right into their workflow. By switching their payment processing over to Merchant Doodle, the “Caterers” not only took advantage of our Concierge Customer Service but put a substantial amount of money back in their own pockets. And they got a completely custom website that looks and feels uniquely like them and their business. 

Every year at their on-site Thanksgiving Day Mixer” we still pester them about letting us build an online e-commerce store to sell their chef-made ready-for-pickup freezer meals online that everyone in the city already eats and loves. Of course they always say “NO!  Like we said… Old School 😊. 

Statistically Speaking:

When talking to Business Owners everyday at Merchant Doodle, we hear a lot of reflexive responses like:

Of course having 100s of local SWFL small-and-medium businesses as valued clients allows us the unique perspective that only comes from the real numbers and statistics which clearly tell us: 

Direct Q & A:

Q: Was there any particular reason you switched from your bank to Merchant Doodle?

A:  We were looking for clean and honest payments program.  We were in a place where every bank had promised better pricing than everyone else in the universe and had figured out that it was all just a trick to get us to switch over. When Merchant Doodle demonstrated how they crossed every “T” and dotted every “I” when it came to our website and email, we knew that if they provided that level of service in that part of their business that this was just who they were as a company… good, honest people who would always do what was in our best interest.  

“We switched to Merchant Doodle because they stepped in and helped in person they fixed our technology issues and went above and beyond, which made the issues disappear easier and faster because it was no longer on our shoulders – it was great for us because during a time of crisis they really went that extra mile and handled it all for us!!”

Q: What did you hope to achieve for your business by using Merchant Doodle?

A: Previously, we were using a bank (one of many) to process but had no real support… and I mean absolutely zero. Talking to the bank was always just awful. For example I would call the 800 number which said press 1 for English and then I asked “I just got the new updated credit card machine. What do I need to do?” The person on the phone said let’s turn it on and run a download because it isn’t programed yet. “Can someone come to my location in person to help me get this done?” I’m sorry we only do programing over the phone. This seemed crazy to me because my bank provided the payment processing program, but no one there could help me in person. And of course at the time, we had no idea the kind of concierge service Merchant Doodle provides even existed.

“When Rob came by and told us about Merchant Doodle, he said they would always be here at our physical business to help with any issues that ever arise… so our decision was easy! I knew we were choosing a service partner that was interested in our business and would always do what was right.”

Q: How long have you been with Merchant Doodle?

A: We’ve been processing payments with Merchant Doodle for four (4) years now. And they’ve been handling our website for us for six (6) years, which surprisingly enough has increased our in-storecalls by more than 25%.

“They’ve been very reliable and trustworthy for us. They won’t nickel-and-dime you or change their rates or sneak in hidden charges or fees behind your back like some large banks and merchant companies do. You should try Merchant Doodle they’ve been such a blessing to us and our business.”

Merchant Doodle Facts:

Because it’s a large ongoing expense for all businesses (and we can usually make a huge difference) everything at Merchant Doodle starts with your payment processing.  

At Merchant Doodle we believe that even though paying credit card processing fees is a necessary evil, you and your business shouldn’t have to pay more than what is fair for the amount of volume you process.  It’s our duty and job to help SWFL business owners understand who you’re paying fees to, what you’re paying for, what service and type of services you should expect for what you pay. 

At the end-of -the-day it’s all about keeping more of the hard-earned money your business brings in, so you have more money to spend on the things you and your business need.  

We have discovered that most business owners don’t realize the following facts:

Payment transactions all go thru the same basic routing, processing, and/or gateways. These may include FirstData/FiServ, TSYS, Worldpay/FIS, Heartland/Global and a few others.

Almost all Top 10 Banks are just referral partners for one of the major acquirer processors. These may include FirstData/FiServ, TSYS, Worldpay/FIS, Heartland/Global, Evalon and a few others.

We all (payments providers) have the same access to these services. For instance, Merchant Doodle has the exact same accounts PNC offers. We offer Clover and a bunch of other POS Systems and Integrations just like the banks do (with much lower overhead & better service).

What you (as a business owner) are really choosing is your servicing partner. Everyone pays interchange to the major credit card issuers, but it’s the servicing partner (us) that takes care of you, your business, and any merchant account or processing issues that may come up.

We’re a certified Microsoft Partner, Google Partner, and offer excellent Cloud-based Payroll. We manage business social media accounts, SEO and paid ad campaigns across all online and social channels, and we provide enterprise email and graphic design services including business cards and logo design for all our clients.

Since the payment processing services are the same, it’s always better to choose a servicing partner with a local presence and lower overhead (which equals MORE MONEY in your pocket).

+We offer a lot of additional value along with concierge customer service and attention that can’t be matched by your bank.

 This means that you’re more than just a number to us because we’re interested in you and your business. And taking action is as easy as calling us up today. We’re here and we’ll be glad to hear from you.   

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