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Does your business needs a Better Processing Rate? An up-to-date POS System? What about a Modern Website or E-Commerce Store that works? We have all that + Real Gift-Card programs, and even options for your existing POS system!
Merchant Doodle Payment Solutions …for all the things you shouldn’t have to do.

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At Merchant Doodle, our mission is Simple. Give you MORE for the fees you pay to process payments… each and every month. You already pay these fees in addition to all your other business-related services.

To bring you more, our team is made up of talented, industry-leading experts in many business services… including Payroll, Online E-Commerce store creation, and Modern Web-Design. We’re even Microsoft Partners and Google Cloud Platform Developers 🙂

We’re here to help you Recycle Your Payment Processing Fees by putting those dollars to work towards other services you already use or need.

Payment Processing

No Contract, Free Gift Card Program + Local Pricing Programs


Wholesale Rate, No extra fees, Unlimited monthly payroll runs


Complete System Setup, Programming, & Training Available

Business Consulting

Identify Overage Charges with a Full Statement Analysis


Simple Application, Fast Working Capital + Low Cost of Funds

Concierge Service

Local 5-Star Service: Always just a Text, Call or Email Away.


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Step 1

Connect Up

Together we’ll discuss your current setup and the type of solutions you’re interested in.  Then we’ll start building a high-quality solution or bundle just for you.

Step 2

The ROI Experts

Next, we’ll take a confidential look at your statements and calculate a few business metrics. This way we can save you as much time and money as possible.

Step 3

Best Practices

You’ll quickly receive your customized Savings Summary. We routinely see clients qualify for 20-95% discounts, so try not to act too surprised 🙂


Enjoy Life

Our team members specialize in payments, POS integration, payroll, websites, business systems and more… so you don’t have to. Simply relax & enjoy!

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Have MORE Questions? Good, Because We Have Real Answers.

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Find out today with a free, no-commitment savings analysis.

All processors have an ONLINE PORTAL and if you can’t find your statements in the mail or via email…  I will help you Locate, Set-up and get access to your monthly statements. 

The very fact you asking tells me we should meet! 🙂 

 Unfortunately, there is no universally recognized “average” credit card processing fee. Our sources estimate that average merchant credit card fees are about 1.29%-2.64% for Visa or MasterCard, 1.53%-2.53% for Discover, and 1.58%-3.30% for American Express.

Merchant Doodle Payments & MORE….

  • Low processing cost based on your processing volume
  • $12.92 per month PCI & FREE Paper
  • Rate Lock Guarantee for the life of the account
  • Free Terminal Placement***for qualified merchants
  • FREE Integrated gift card program  (No monthly fee or transaction fees)
  • FREE Virtual Terminal with Real-time reporting and activity details
  • FREE Recurring billing, e-invoicing and secure storage and processing of cardholder data with the ProCharge Payment Gateway
  • FREE ProCharge® Plugin is designed for QuickBooks® Accounting Software 
  • Merchant Doodle Payroll – pass thru cost of $48 per month & $8 per employee – no extra fees, unlimited monthly payroll runs
  • Creating, Designing & Marketing the World’s Fastest Websites “cutting-edge” Platform powered by Google Cloud Hosting

All Merchant Doodle accounts feature month-to-month billing with no early termination fee.

We do ask you to provide (30)thirty days’ notice when you close your account, but that’s it!

We believe in earning your business each and every month with trust, transparency and quality service.  There’s no reason to go with any company that locks you into a multi-year contract when quality processors offer month-to-month agreements.

  1. Are you in equipment lease or processing contract?
  2. Do you know if you have an early termination fee?
  3. I can help with either!
  1. The transition will be seamless.
  2. I will help you cancel your old processor.
  3. You will have no downtime. The new terminal comes programed, plug and play.
  4. We will run a test transaction before we make any changes.
  5. When you get your first full month statement we will review it together.

We only approve established quality merchants like yourself. We need to document that you are a real company. 

You are in sense applying for a loan. We have to fund you before we get to collect from Visa/MasterCard/Discover or AMEX.

When you sign up to process credit cards for your business, it’s not just signing up to pay fees to the credit card companies. Entering into this service involves some risk on the part of payment processing companies.

The processor is essentially giving you a loan for the transactions you run every month. They are acting on your behalf to assure your account has the money to pay for the fees owed to the credit card companies (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, etc). They are also making sure the transactions you run, will not be fraudulent in nature.

To summarize, a personal guarantee is similar to taking a mortgage out at a bank. The bank is taking a risk by granting you a loan. They want you to send them banking statements, tax returns, and sign a contract agreeing to pay back your debt. You’re giving them proof that your business is a safe investment.

Instead of a massive loan, a personal guarantee with a credit card processor is agreeing you will have sufficient funds in your merchant account to pay your credit card fees.

We Work with the TOP Devices

Equipment Solutions

We work with the top Terminal & POS solution providers including: Clover, Focus, Paradise POS, Poynt, Exatouch, Aloha/Micros EMV, and many others.

Each industry has unique needs for payments equipment and we are able to provide you with the right equipment to help you collect payment, track inventory, manage waste, and manage employees for your business.

Watch to Learn More about the Systems we offer.

Ready to Get Started with your Own Customized Cards?

Gift Cards


Your Payroll

Merchant Doodle Payroll – pass thru cost of $48 per month & $8 per employee – no extra fees, unlimited monthly payroll runs

  1. The transition will be seamless.
  2. Your dedicated account manager, support team will help bring all records over in the transition.
  3. You will have no downtime
  4. Our team has been working on business-client Payroll and HR needs for over 40 years. With such a large, experienced team of people dedicated to your needs, others simply can’t match our expertise.

Every Payroll client has a dedicated account manager and support team. These are people who you’ll get to know, and they’ll know your voice when you call. The kind of support friends give 🙂

Run Payroll anytime, from any device, in-less-than a minute. Your tax filings and payments are handled automatically, and the Mobile-Friendly Portal offers your employees best-in-class functionality.

Below will walk you through the steps to get enrolled in MD Payroll – it takes about 5 minutes.  😊  

Online Enrollment Process:

  1. Go to this link for online enrollment:
  2. You will be prompted to fill out basic business information.
  3. Please have your Federal ID or Social Security number (if sole proprietor) and banking information readily available for the enrollment process. (FYI – The enrollment wizard will time out if there is inactivity filling out the info.)
  4. Please Login to Payroll – use your username (your email address)
  5. The system will also ask you to upload these documents:
    1. Federal Identification   (IRS form with DBA or Business Name with Company Address & Tax filing number for example EIN or SS#)
    2. Voided Check
    3. State Unemployment Rate Information 

Once you’re enrolled you will receive a Welcome Call 😊 from our Implementation Team requesting any other information they may need for payroll setup.

In addition to the welcome call, you will be receiving an email from our payroll specialist via DocuSign for signature.


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