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SWFL Bakery Business Success Story

(SWFL) Custom Bakery specializing in Wedding Cakes and Special Events DOUBLES SALES (100% Annual Increase) with New Online ECommerce Store bought with Payment Processing Fees! 

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For the last twelve (12) years this SWFL custom bakery specializing in cakes for weddings and special events has been treating customers with extra fancy delights. 

“If you own a business and you’re on the fence about changing things (for the better) you need to know more about this. Before we got setup with Merchant Doodle, all our sales went thru our in-store POS system. We didn’t have an online store and to be real honest we really had no idea how much an online store would increase our sales, if any. Our POS system was just something we got at the bank and looking back now the fees were actually extremely high. So we got a new POS (the same model we were already using) from Merchant Doodle and they plugged-in better processing with local customer service (big time saver for us) and a much better rate overall

And it’s the same merchant account that runs our online store checkout… so overall it’s a single monthly statement, way better fees, and quicker local customer service and attention.”

Where the Owners were coming from:

This special shop and its special owners which create cakes and cupcakes (that taste as amazing as they look) used to do their brick-and-mortar-onsite payment processing using a full Clover Station POS system from their bank, which was BOA. The payments system worked well enough, but in 2018 the time finally came when the business needed to modernernize its website so it would work better on mobile. Additionally, the owners were entertaining the idea of an e-commerce store if they could offer a fantastic online shopping and checkout experience to their customers as well.  

One thing they knew was that if they built an online store they absolutely 100% wanted it (and their new website) to look and feel like them and their unique business. It had to be an accurate representation of their special offerings and showcase all their tasty goodies in the right way. Due diligence led them to getting three (3) quotes which ranged from $7,000 to $9,500 dollars for the online store creation and setup alone (without the new custom website). 

 “Not only have our online store sales grown like crazy year after year, we also didn’t realize that having the online store would physically bring more people into our shop. They walk in with our cakes already up on their phones wanting to customize this or that… and it’s just so amazing! We love our whole sales-checkout-payment setup now and were never leaving… thank you sooo much guys! 

In-House Success Notes:

When talking with this business owner about the existing previously-in-place POS and payment processing system her response was “oh its no big deal, its just something we signed up for and got at the bank”. Whenever we get real open-minded communication like this from a business owner, we always go into high-performance mode and work extra hard to present them with great options because when the owners mindset is open, we can 100% make a huge difference every time 

In this case we were able to add a significant amount of money back onto their bottom line (because the business was over-priced by the bank, which is always the case more times than not) and we replaced their Clover Full Station POS with a Clover Mini Station (which comes with lower monthly service charges as well). The Clover Mini has the exact same functionality as the Clover Full Station as far as reporting goes, which was the only functionality this business owner and staff were even remotely interested in or ever going to use.  

After we got the payments account and the POS switched (so the extra monthly money was safely back in their pockets) we were able to get the clients new custom website and e-commerce store system designed, built, managed, and hosted on our Google Cloud Platform (whish is lightning fast on mobile) for less than $4,000 which was 60-70% offset and covered in the very first year by the recovered money. And of course like the client stated, this online e-commerce store uses the same payment processing account as the brick-and-mortar location, which means a single monthly account statement, which keeps things very simple and easy to track. 

Statistically Speaking:

When talking to Business Owners everyday at Merchant Doodle, we hear a lot of reflexive responses like:

Of course having 100s of local SWFL small-and-medium businesses as valued clients allows us the unique perspective that only comes from the real numbers and statistics which clearly tell us: 

Direct Q & A:

Q: Was there any particular reason you switched from your bank to Merchant Doodle?

A: When I started the business, I opened a bank account and they asked me if I needed merchant processing and I did so I just signed up.  But after I signed up, I didn’t have a local point of contact or person to call or text because the merchant processing representatives were not at my local branch. The only way I could get help was by calling an 800 number which always took more time than I had, and the 800-line reps didn’t even know me, our business, or how we were set up

“I switched to Merchant Doodle because theyre based in SWFL where our business is.  Now we have a local number we can text for help and a national 800 number we can call 24/7/365. And they even come visit us, stop in at our business from time to time, and just always seem to be around.”

Q: What did you hope to achieve for your business by using Merchant Doodle?

A: When we were using the bank we had zero support when it came to growing our business by integrating things. We were interested in selling cakes and cupcakes online so that our customers had the ability to view all our different options and choose the best cake for their celebration. But when I got quotes from other companies the prices were so higha lot of them were not local, and they only offered one service which meant no combined services or savings. 

“When Christy came by and ran the numbers for us, we were thrilled with their fair processing rates and the discounts and prices they offered us on our new e-commerce store and website.”

Q: How long have you been with Merchant Doodle?

A: We’ve been with them for three (3) years now and our sales have more than doubled with the online store they built for us really growingAnd we never imagined that having an online store would actually bring more people into our real physical location. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to leave the bank and go with Merchant Doodle for our payments and technology.  Whenever we need support or anything at all someone is always right here to help us, and we really love the local hands-on approach!

“We’ve been with Merchant Doodle for almost 3 years now and our sales have more than doubled with all the additional sales coming in from our online store! Sales going up, fees going down, and more money in our pocket is really a no-brainer for us.”

Merchant Doodle Facts:

Because it’s a large ongoing expense for all businesses (and we can usually make a huge difference) everything at Merchant Doodle starts with your payment processing.  

At Merchant Doodle we believe that even though paying credit card processing fees is a necessary evil, you and your business shouldn’t have to pay more than what is fair for the amount of volume you process.  It’s our duty and job to help SWFL business owners understand who you’re paying fees to, what you’re paying for, what service and type of services you should expect for what you pay. 

At the end-of -the-day it’s all about keeping more of the hard-earned money your business brings in, so you have more money to spend on the things you and your business need.  

We have discovered that most business owners don’t realize the following facts:

Payment transactions all go thru the same basic routing, processing, and/or gateways. These may include FirstData/FiServ, TSYS, Worldpay/FIS, Heartland/Global and a few others.

Almost all Top 10 Banks are just referral partners for one of the major acquirer processors. These may include FirstData/FiServ, TSYS, Worldpay/FIS, Heartland/Global, Evalon and a few others.

We all (payments providers) have the same access to these services. For instance, Merchant Doodle has the exact same accounts PNC offers. We offer Clover and a bunch of other POS Systems and Integrations just like the banks do (with much lower overhead & better service).

What you (as a business owner) are really choosing is your servicing partner. Everyone pays interchange to the major credit card issuers, but it’s the servicing partner (us) that takes care of you, your business, and any merchant account or processing issues that may come up.

We’re a certified Microsoft Partner, Google Partner, and offer excellent Cloud-based Payroll. We manage business social media accounts, SEO and paid ad campaigns across all online and social channels, and we provide enterprise email and graphic design services including business cards and logo design for all our clients.

Since the payment processing services are the same, it’s always better to choose a servicing partner with a local presence and lower overhead (which equals MORE MONEY in your pocket).

+We offer a lot of additional value along with concierge customer service and attention that can’t be matched by your bank.

 This means that you’re more than just a number to us because we’re interested in you and your business. And taking action is as easy as calling us up today. We’re here and we’ll be glad to hear from you.   

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